Jovi was founded in Barcelona in 1939 by José Salvador Villanueva and Vicente Tejedo Royo. The aim of the company was to create products which would foster and develop children’s artistic education.

In the mid fifties, as a result of a clear desire to enter the field of research and firmly establish the company’s name, Jovi began manufacturing writing implements, and produced a number of highly successful brands: FIBRO-PLAST, SUPER-LINE and the extremely popular MILECHENTO.

In the sixties, the company developed the PLASTICERUM formula, which was used to make JOVI-PLAST Modelling Paste, which is still renowned for its quality today.

The range of tempera paints and watercolours for schools, which were already on the market at the time, was completed with new finger paint and liquid tempera. The range of modelling products was augmented with BLANDIVER Educational Soft Dough for schools, and an air-hardening modelling paste. Lastly, the company produced PLASTICOLOR, the ultimate plastic crayon.

At the beginning of the nineties, the sales and administrative department moved from Barcelona to its new headquarters at El Prat de Llobregat (10 km from Barcelona), which also houses the company’s logistics centre.

Over the 63 years since JOVI was founded, the company has produced a wide variety of products for schools, efficiently combining creativity and cutting-edge technology. And, above all, guaranteeing its entire range of products is of the highest quality.

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